Finishing a little closer to the middle

I’ve found often that designers and developers like to wait till they are completely finished and signed off on a project before publishing. This seem like a good idea and it gives the team all the time they need to make it perfect.

The problem
When one group waits till the last minute to show their stuff it leaves the other groups in the dark. This increases angst and reduces the gray area between project success and failure, making the project a raving success or a massive failure with nothing in between.

The idea
What if, instead of allowing your teams to churn on the project, you drove them hard to complete it in a very short time? I’m saying, cut the project in half, or a quarter and finish a 12 month project in 3 months. Sure it would be pretty crappy, but think of it as your first sprint in an agile project.

Creativity, idea generation and group involvement are the fun, team building, parts of a project. It’s the part of the project that makes us all want to get into this line of work in the first place. Get all the angst out in the first round, get the project in a place where it meets business goals, where you could launch it if you had to, then begin the churn…

The benefit
By finishing early you reduce angst and increase the enjoyable part of the project.

Obviously this woks best for agile type projects, where the end product is not set in stone, but I propose that the same idea applied to a waterfall project would yield similar results.

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